Over Dimensional / Heavy Haul

Over Dimensional and Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy hauls and over-dimensional trucking is one of our specialties. Bring us your loads that are too much for other heavy haul trucking companies to handle, and we’ll get the job done.

We’ve got the fleet that can handle your heaviest, largest shipment:

  • Extreme Heavy Haul Trucks
  • Oversized Flatbed Trailers
  • Removable Goose Necks

Whether you need a heavy hauling pickup truck for compact equipment or a 53’ trailer that can carry beams of steel, Patriot Freight Group is a supply chain solution provider you can rely on.

Logistics Assistance
Selection of Transport Solutions
Complete Compliance

Reliable Logistics for the Largest Loads

Patriot Freight Group is known for reliability no matter how complex the job will be. We are intermediary, asset-based trucking specialists that take the stress out of transport logistics.

Our expert team will:

  • Match trucks hauling heavy loads with the cargo
  • Get necessary permits for transport
  • Line up escorts as needed

The Road Can Be Unpredictable But We’re Prepared

With Patriot Freight Group breakdowns, highway accidents and Mother Nature won’t keep your shipment from its final destination. We’re prepared to handle obstacles on the road. Rollovers, vehicle fires, pile-ups – we’ve handled it all and even salvaged the shipped materials.

Constant Communication on All Heavy Haul Trucking Jobs

Hauling a heavy load can be a big task to manage no matter the distance. Our tracking and communication systems take you along for the ride. You’ll get regular updates with images and can check on the progress at any time with a personalized link to our GPS truck tracking. It’s peace of mind you won’t get with other heavy haul trucking companies.

We’re a solution-based service provider for your unique trucking demands. We work with you one-on-one to provide solutions you didn’t know were possible.

Following the Rules of the Road for a Heavy Load

Loads that are over legal weight limits or beyond maximum dimensions require expertise. Over dimensional trucking companies are tasked with knowing the individual state and province regulations that must be followed. Patriot Freight Group goes a step farther by providing guidance on how to manage multiple sets of regulations in a single haul.

Hauling Heavy Loads From Florida to Alberta

Patriot Freight Group is one of the most versatile American and Canadian heavy haul trucking companies. From sea to shining sea and from the Deep South to the Great White North, we can haul the heaviest, largest loads the greatest distances.

Industries We Serve

  • Oil & Gas
  • Pipeline Construction
  • General Construction
  • Commercial/Residential Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Government & Military
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Food & Beverage: Meat, Product and Frozen Foods

We Can Handle All Your Hauling Needs

If we can handle over-dimensional and heavy haul trucking, imagine how good we are at full truckload, less than truckload and hotshot hauling. Patriot Freight Group is a full-service trucking company that helps clients find cost-effective solutions for every type of truck hauling job.

All Your Hauling Needs Solved With Just One Call!